When the season 2015 approached, I was faced with the dillema how to make Tortour as well as PBP happen. The problem? Tortour started on Friday, August 14th and PBP on Sunday, August 16th. First one 1.030km and second 1.230km long.


Everyone who knows me, knows I love cycling and I love RAAM. Since my last participation in 2013, I've officiated in 2014 and was a crew chief in 2015. Those two experiences gave me a whole new outlook on the race and at the same time fueled my desire to use my new knowledge to better my result. My best time is 9 days and 2 hours and I am sure that I can do better than that. So, joining an elite club of sub 9 days finishers is the first goal. Could I win? I will give it my best shot, that is all I can promise. It is a dream I am pursuing and it would definitely be the highlight of my career.

The last weekend Marko achieved a new important victory - he became the new World Champion in 24 hour Time Trial! The race took place in Borrego Springs (California) from November 13th-14th, 2015. Marko had to work hard till the end of the race as the young guys were chasing him closely. He won with a new course record of 502,1 miles. Second place went to Peter Sandholt (Danemark) with 496,8 miles and the third place to Meurig James (Great Britain) with 492,0 miles.

These results are absolute. Of course Marko has also won his age category, as the 2nd and 3rd placed men were one category younger (30-39 years).



Join Marko Baloh for a 6 day training camp from July 28th to August 1st, with 4 days of long climbing stages (130-150km, 2.000-2.700m of climbing) over famous Slovenian mountain passes and one easy coffee (or if you prefer donut) ride to Bled.

- Stay in the 4* hotel BRDO,

- ride in Marko's company,

- with full SAG support from one of Marko's experienced crew members,

- the routes are climbing oriented, including the queen stage over famous Vrsic Pass (1.611m, 50 switchbacks),

- contact Marko about the pricing and registering, the spaces are limited to 10 cyclists.

The RACE AROUND SLOVENIA 2015 is just about to start, this time I am racing a 2-person team with Kerry Ryan. Kerry has a great racing rezime, with multiple RAAM victories in 4-person teams. He was also a part of the 4-person team that set the RAAM record. He took a couple of years off from racing, but I am sure he will do great in RAS. Our goal is as always the victory and as you all know the race is decided in the second part. So, watch us on:

Sebring 12/24h Cycling Race is always a kind of prelude to the season. A 24h race in February might not seem OK to someone with a “normal” cycling seasons, with mostly base training during the winter months and so a bit too early to be thinking of  brilliant result for a 24h race. Nontheless, I’ve been thinking about this race for a couple of years now and finally made the choice to do it in 2014. The broken shoulder messed up my participation and I was on the eve of canceling, when Irma intervened and told me to go and take advantage of perfect spring weather in Florida to train for the rest of season (I haven’t been riding my bike other than on indoor trainer for more than 2 months). So, I went, got to know how to ride on the road again, did a lot of miles and won the short version of the race - 12h with a quite descent result. Promised myself and Mark Andrews (the organizer) that I will be back for the big one.

Spoštovani donatorji, vabim vas, da se mi pridružite!

It has been a long time since I’ve raced the Furnace Creek 508, 10 years to be precise. 2004 was the year of my first and only participation, the year of my comeback from lung operation (after pulmonary embolism at RAAM 2003). Tweety Bird (the name picked by my than 5 years old daughter) rocked the course and won convinsingly. I loved the race and would certainly liked to have made more, it is just so difficult to fit all of the races I wanna do into my yearly schedulle. But for the 10th anniversary, I kind of loved the apeal of Tweety coming back and try to better my result (time wise). So, I was seriously considering it but with limited budget it was still going to be a struggle. Until a friend stepped in and offered to sponsor my entrance fee. Thank you Ray!


What started with Scott’s “could we do a training camp in Oman” question last autumn, materialized in a kick-ass training camp over the New Year’s. When we were checking the possibilities where to ride bicycles in Oman and found out the best place would be South in Salalah, we got as even crazier idea - we could ride al the way from UAE border to Salalah, or even to Yemen border. 3000km in 13 days, does it sound crazy enough? For us it did, so the planning began.

The crew was spot on with the WINFORCE nutrition, Marlies’ handoffs were impacable, Irma was shooting photos and posting on the website and Pat&Jason were driving the “Tweety car”. At the 3rd Time Station in Austin my advantage had grown to more than half an hour and surprise, surprise, it was the Crow in the 2nd place in front of Rock Rabbit. The climb out of Austin was hot, but didn’t take too long. I was thinking to myself and telling the crew we might want to put the jacket on for this descent on the way back. It was supposed to get cold during the night. I was still feeling great, plowing along with 22+ mph on the semi-flats towards Eureka thinking to myself an hour advantage would be better than half.


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