Three years ago I finished one of my biggest projects and certainly the one I cherish the most - 900PLUS, in which the goal was to ride more than 900km in 24 hours. Here is my recap from that day (October 8th-9th, 2010):

It is done! It was a huge relief. We were so confident about surpassing the magic barrier of 900km in 24 hours, that some were beginning to take it for granted. I myself was more than aware of the difficulty of task at hand, even if everything goes smoothly on a day. Add one or two unplanned complications in 24h and everything can go sour.



Adidas oz. podjetje AMM d.o.o. so že precej let moji sponzorji za športna očala in njihovi modeli mi odlično ustrezajo za vse pogoje kolesarjenja, tako sonce, meglo, dež in celo temo. Do sedaj sem moral na RAAM vedno vzeti najmanj tri očala, da ni bilo potrebno menjavati stekel. Torej ena za sonce, druga za dež in tretja za temo.

How to resolve a problem of being so slow after a few days of minimal sleep – between 1 and 1.5h a day? I have already tested the mentioned pattern in my previous RAAMs and discovered that with only an hour of sleep daily I become »chronicly slow« and with that I am no match to the competition.


After long years of trying out different radio stations or walkie-talkies, which were all useless at speed higher than 30km/h, we finally found the solution for communication between cyclist and his crew. Cardo BK-1 Duo is the ideal solution for the communication needs of ultra-cyclist and his crew.

All of you who follow my blog already know what went wrong during (and before) this year's RAAM – the RV problems and my illness before the race, which was in large part responsible for the outcome of my race. In fact I can be thankful that I even managed to finish the race in such circumstances. In my next blogs I will share with you many of the positives that (besides my stuborness) helped me achieve a more than respectable 5th place.


At Tortour 2013 theLaureus Charity 2 Team achieved 4th place among the 24 6-person teams and proved the impossible is possible.


Today after work, we drive (w/Irma) to Switzerland to the start of Tortour 2013. After my victory in the first Tortour (2009) and two more solo participations, last year I joined the 6-person team Laureus Charity 2. It was one of the best experiences in my ultra-cycling career.

So, no thinking was needed when I was invited to do it again with the same group - of course I am IN! Tomorrow afternoon we start with the prologue and around 3AM Friday morning the 6-person teams race starts. You can follow us at this link (look for team no.617).

King and Queen of the Prairies awards were given to Male and Female Solo racers based on the shortest time/fastest average speed between three flat sections:  TS 2 to TS 3 (Brawley to Blythe); TS 25 to TS 26 (Greensburg to Pratt); and TS 36 to TS 37 (Greenville to Effingham). 

King of the Plains goes to Marko Baloh (Slovenia) who posted 8h:53m over those 3 sections, 6 minutes ahead of Schoch who came in second.  Dani Wyss (Switzerland) came in 3rd with 9h:43m and Gerhard Gulewicz (Austria) 4th with 9h:55m.


Uh, I don’t know where to start, so much has happened in recent weeks. So the seventh RAAM is behind me, and the fifth successful finish, which ranks me high on the list of riders who have more than once finished RAAM. Of course, the legends at the top of the list remain Robi Kish with 19 (!) RAAMs, Jure with seven, Fasching and Chew with eight and so on. So, there are not many with enough will, strength, energy and endurance to do the toughest race in the world several times.

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