I rode 873,9km with 1.300m of climbing on Zwift in 24 hours. Rest stops 15 minutes, riding time 23h 45min. Average power 184W, average speed for the ride (stops excluded) 36,4km/h.



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Marko continued his 500+ streak and rode more than 500 miles in each of his 24h races in 2016, winning his first World Cup 24h title!

Official Overall Results for World Cup 24h:

1. Marko Baloh (Slovenija) 1.598,7 milj

2. Chris Hopkinson (VB) 1.283,6 milj

3. David Baxter  (ZDA) 1.201,2 milj

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I wanted to write a long report on my preparation camp in Andalucia. Come to think of it, there is not much to write about. In 12 days of riding not one problem, incident or even honking. Andalucia is a perfect training ground for cyclists wanting to escape harsh Winter. 

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