Kansas fastest so far

Marko was able to cycle across Kansas fastest of all times he did the race. Yesterday was a really fast day, and it was quite difficult to go to sleep, but it was more than necessary. The average crossing speed was 27,65 km/h including bedtime stop.


The night caught us just shortly before half of the race, but it was not yet time to rest. Waiting for us was a visit to the zoo, as we named various animals running across the road. Deer, rabbits, ferrets, turtles, mice, snakes ... There was no extra danger, just a critical point when snake nearly bited Marko. Yes, on the side of the road she stood and attacked Marko but missed.

At the time station in El Doradu Marko went to sleep. Fifteen minutes after he fell asleep, Shawn comes from motorhome with radar image of rainfall and warning of the approaching downpour of hail. How fortunate we are to stop just before the store that had a front roof where we can park the vehicle and accompanying camper. By morning the storm had passed and Marko started his ride in the sunrise.

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