Marko and Alojz are racing at Tortour and Race around Austria this week

This week Slovenian ultra-cyclists are racing in two of the biggest ultra-cycling races in the World. Two time winner of Race around Slovenia Alojz Poglavc will tackle the Race around Austria for the second time, while Marko Baloh will participate in the 10th Edition of Tortour (Race around Switzerland). Marko is the only racer who raced and finished all of the previous nine editions of Tortour. Five of them as solo participant and four in various editions of Laureus Charity Teams.

Both Alojz and Marko are aiming for the top places. Alojz’ first participation in RAA ended with a DNF in really brutal weather conditions last year, so he is back to prove a point. Marko on the other hand is trying to show that age is not a factor in ultra-cycling and that he can still race with the best ten years after his victory at inaugural Tortour 2009.

Race around Austria has already started on Tuesday and Tortour will start with a Prologue on Thursday afternoon. The actual racing will start after midnight Thursday/Friday and it should take the first riders around 36 hours to cover the 1.010km with some 13.000m of climbing.

You can follow the races here:


On the photos you can see Marko & Alojz training at Gran Canaria in February 2018:


Let us not forget, Marko's long time crew member Denis Rautovic is racing in the Sprint version of Tortour. Have a great race Denis!

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