The clock is ticking

Sometimes the day ends too soon, especially when you have lots of problems. Believe it, RAAM is never boring. Everything quickly turns from bad to good and from good to bad.

Marko says that some of the worst things is when you have to sit on the bike with the aching butt and when you press the pedal with sore soles. You decide what's going to happen. Will you be able to transfer the pain or will you succumb? You know, the pain is temporary, it's just a superficial wound on the body, but pain must not take your thoughts. Marko was very close to her succumb. Then came Joni, with her wise words and most important with the miracle cream. It was just enough that Marko once again sat on the saddle and the morning average speed of 23.2 km/h increased to 25.1 km/h. It is true that the terrain was very diverse in the morning, a lot of short, steep climbs, but in the afternoon it was like it should  be. Thank you Joni!

The weather made all problems even worst. In the morning it was hot and very humid, and then a heavy thunderstorm with rain came. Rain was good for cooling down, but it was bad for all the sores. Marko has proven again that he does not give up easy, but he left the door opened for some convincing. However, this is the hardest race and everything is in the head of the racer and in the good crew. Of course, also a friend that brings a spare bike can help. Especially someone who has been put through all this and he knows how you feel. Thanks Dave Haase! It can also help some kind of the bribe ... burger is a great idea, maybe some chocolate? Of course!

So far we have in 6 days and 10 hours completed 2200 mi or 3540km and Marko currently holds fifth place. The first and second place is almost unreachable, the competition for the third, is a big one. In any case, the last third of the race will be very interesting

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