48 hours until start of RAS, equipment is ready!

My racing equipment is finally ready and you can see it all here. Like the last couple of years my shorts&jerseys are made by Slovenian cycling clothing company BANEM. My bike is LOOK, the wheels FFWD, shoes BONT, glasses ADIDAS and the helmet (not in the photo) is made by KALI Protectives. Top of the notch gear for top of the notch racing!

Here you can see the "fleet" I will be using at Race around Slovenia this weekend. Of course, I hope I won't be needing those spare wheelsets... ;)

One more look to the jersey up front. THe jerseys/shorts will be available for ordering either the same as in the photo or without sponsors with only the logo of BALOHCOACHING. For more information send me an e-mail, please.

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