The Silver State 508

After this year’s silver era (World Champs & Torotur) it is fitting to have The Silver State 508 as the last race of the season. 508 miles through deserts of Nevada in the race that Marko has won 10 years ago, under a different name (Furnace Creek 508) and on a different venue (Death Valley in California).


The race starts and finishes in Reno on Sunday October 5th, 6.30AM local time. You can follow the race on the official website HERE

This race is diferent than others, because the riders don’t have starting numbers, they have to chuse the totem. In most cases it’s a cartoon caracter, comic strip caracter or kind of an animal. My totem was choosen already ten years ago for my first time by daughter Ana and it is Tweety Bird. It stayed with Marko also on other ultra races since.

If we have the signal, Marko’s crew will be reporting from the (front of the) race on Marko’s FB Page and on Twitter, the hashtag is #the508.

The crew we have is new, aside from Irma we have 3 new crew members. Marlies Radtke and Patrick Seely have lots of experience from racing or crewing themselves (from 508 to RAAM). They kindly invited us to their home, offered their support vehicle for the race and treated us with excellent meals all week long. So, we are forever grateful to them. The fourth member of the crew is a rookie Jason, who I think will have a time of his life joining us for this adventure.

The registration is done, as well as the vehicle inspetion. What follows is the crew meeting and than quickly to rest, as we have to be up at 4AM tomorrow morning. Check with us at this place tomorrow from the race course. It is going to be fun!

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