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Everyone who knows me, knows I love cycling and I love RAAM. Since my last participation in 2013, I've officiated in 2014 and was a crew chief in 2015. Those two experiences gave me a whole new outlook on the race and at the same time fueled my desire to use my new knowledge to better my result. My best time is 9 days and 2 hours and I am sure that I can do better than that. So, joining an elite club of sub 9 days finishers is the first goal. Could I win? I will give it my best shot, that is all I can promise. It is a dream I am pursuing and it would definitely be the highlight of my career.

I gave this a lot of thought. 2015 was a hard year for me and my family, losing my dad to brain cancer, only a few months after he was diagnosed. It was really painfull watching the man I admired and looked up to all my life deteriorate so quickly. My dad always tought me to follow my dreams, so this RAAM will be for him.  I don't think I need any better motivation than doing it in his memory. So, it is on! I am going for RAAM 2016! I will do my best to have the best race of my life and show the young(er) guys how it is done.

You can be a part of my RAAM 2016, too. Help me raise the needed budget by  sponsoring a Time Station. You can see the details here. Thank you!

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