I am looking for TIME STATION SPONSORS to help me with the RAAM expenses. If you have no time to do RAAM, you can become involved with >buying< yourself a Time Station and helping me achieve my goal.

There are 54 Time Stations across the USA and at every Time Station we must call in my arrival. Every TS means the next step in a long way across the USA. My team will use all the strength, energy, will and teamwork to help me make it to the finish line as fast as I can. You can become a part of my Team with making a donation and picking for yourself a Time Station you want to sponsor. When I pass you TS, we will send you an e-mail letting you know where I am and how fast I am progressing.

If everything goes according to plan, I should be fast enough to better my best result by 3h, which means getting under 9 days crossing. With the fierce competition in 2016, I don't want to predict anything, only that I will give my best and try to come as close to 8 days as possible. You will also get the postcard from Finishline letting you know the achieved result.

The price of the Time Stations is as follows:
- normal TS: 100$,
- Start, Finish and half-way (Pratt, Kansas): 500$.

Your logo will be posted on www.markobaloh.com in the RAAM 2016 TS sponors spread sheet with the link to your company's website.
E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reserve your Time station. You can make a donation through PayPal to the aformentioned e-mail


No. TS
Time stop (TS)
TS-TS (km)
TOTAL (km)
Sponsor TS
START Oceanside,CA 0 0 Attitude sports
1 Lake Henshaw, CA 86,0 86,0  
2 Brawley, CA 142,3 228,4  
3 Blythe , CA 144,2 372,6  
4 Parker, AZ 82,6 455,2  
5 Salome, AZ 90,1 545,2  
6 Congress, AZ 84,7 629,9  Chris Davies
7 Prescott, AZ 80,7 710,6  SpruzzaMist
8 Cottonwood, AZ 66,3 777,0  
9 Flagstaff, AZ 85,6 862,6  SpruzzaMist
10 Tuba City, AZ 115,4 978,0  Maria Parker
11 Kayenta, AZ 115,6 1.093,6  M. Kelly Rogers
12 Mexican Hat, UT 71,8 1.165,4  Marko Mastrovič
13 Montezuma Crk, UT 63,7 1.229,1  
14 Cortez, CO 80,7 1.309,8  
15 Durango, CO 70,2 1.380,0  Chris Davies
16 Pagosa Springs, CO 112,3 1.492,3  Roger Foote
17 South Fork, CO 77,0 1.569,3  Anonymous
18 Alamosa, CO 75,0 1.644,3  
19 La Veta, CO 93,7 1.738,0  
20 Trinidad, CO 104,7 1.842,7  
21 Kim, CO 114,6 1.957,3  
22 Walsh, OK 110,0 2.067,3  
23 Ulysses, KS 86,6 2.153,9  
24 Montezuma, KS 81,1 2.253,9  
25 Greensburg, KS 106,3 2.341,4  
26 Pratt, KS 51,5 2392  Romaks d.o.o.
27 Maize, KS 123,5 2.516,4  
28 El Dorado, KS 55,0 2.571,4  Tony Wood 
29 Yates Center, KS 103,8 2.675,2  
30 Ft Scott, KS 95,0 2.770,1  
31 Weaubleau, MO 106,8 2.876,9  
32 Camdenton, MO 78,9 2.955,8  Stefano Facchini
33 Jefferson City, MO 91,9 3.047,7  
34 Washintgon, MO 123,6 3.171,2
35 Mississippi River 113,6 3.284,8  Carolyn Wait 
36 Greenville, IL 77,1 3,361,9  
37 Effingham, IL 79,2 3.441,2  
38 Sullivan, IN 116,9 3.558,1  
39 Bloomington, IN 108,3 3.666,4  
40 Greensburg, IN 101,7 3.768,1  
41 Oxford, OH 79,8 3.847,9  Anonymous
42 Blanchester, OH 80,8 3.928,7  No Country for Old Man (NCOM)
43 Chillicothe, OH 93,4 4.022,1  Steven Berveling
44 Athens, OH 95,1 4.117,2  Tom Niccum
45 West Union, WV 107,1 4.224,3  Anonymous
46 Grafton, WV 104,3 4.328,6  
47 Mc Henry, MD 111,6 4.440,2  
48 Cumberland, MD 45,8 4.486,0  
49 Hancock, MD 59,5 4.545,5  Chris "Hoppo" Hopkinson
50 Rouzerville, PA 78,0 4.623,5  
51 Hanover, PA 64,8 4.688,3  
52 Mt Airy, MD 58,9 4.747,2  Steven Berveling
53 Odenton, MD 23,44 4.810,6  Jrobic Touring
CILJ Annapolis 24,4


 Andrew Thomas







You can now train with one of the best ultra-cyclists in the World, Marko Baloh as your personal cycling coach.

I coach newcomers to the sport as well as experienced riders who want to try something new in training or tackle ultra-cycling for the first time. Most of my coaching is done through e-mail, Skype or FaceTime and telephone, so I am available for everyone no matter from which part of the World you are. 

As you know my field of expertise is ultra-cycling, everything from brevets and PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris, I’ve done it twice), the 12h and 24h races, ultra races all around the World, to the toughest of them all - the Race across America, which I’ve done seven times, the only RAAM victory coming in a 2-person division in 2008 with my friend Tomaz Percic. 

Bellow are the basic packages that I offer, but if you have your own ideas about it, send me an e-mail and I am sure we can work something out for you. Contact me at e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All coaching packages include:

- consulting with you about preparing goals for the season with regard to your previous training methods and your results from previous seasons,

  • developing detailed training plan that’s adjusted to your needs and abilities, not forgetting the demands of your job and other life commitments,
  • analyses and improvement of your cycling technique,
  • help with nutrition,
  • individual training and preparation to cycling races under supervision of the cycling coach, from short Time Trials to the longest one, the Race across America (RAAM).

Standard Package (275$/month):

  • work directly with Marko,
  • monthly training plan adjusted to your family and working commitments, 
  • identification of goals and planning according to that, 
  • a weekly analyses of realization, with analyzing the HR or Power data and adjusting the training plan accordingly,
  • included is a weekly contact with Marko over e-mail.

Ultra Package (425$/month):

  • all of the above plus:
  • Weekly training plan adjusted to your family and working commitments,
  • Weekly scheduled Skype or phone session with Marko Baloh. This is in addition to all ongoing communication via text/email with your coach.
  • Guaranteed spot at your choice of one Baloh Coaching Training Camp Event. (Does not include the cost of the event.)

VIP package 875$/month (only 2 spots available):

  • all of the above plus
  • Daily emails and/or texts to answer any questions, provide motivation or just to check in to see how you are doing with your training.
  • Guaranteed spot at all Baloh Coaching Training Camps (does not include the cost of the event).
  • Unlimited Skype or phone sessions with Marko.
  • One private cycling weekend with Marko at a mutually agreed upon location. All inclusive except your travel expenses – but it may work for Marko to come to you! Show him where you train! (International travel will have an extra fee.)
  • Baloh Coaching Kit – which includes Jersey & Bibs.

I am available for intensive weekend or week-long private coaching either in Slovenia or the place of your choice. If I am not racing myself, I am available to be a crew chief at ultra-cycling races. 

For detailed information contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Usually we agree for a year long coaching (12 months). Although there is a monthly fee, not all months of coaching are equal. The monthly fee represents an amortized value. During the course of the year we will have busier times and quieter times.

Payment is due the first of the month, via bank transfer or via PayPal.


My ultra-cycling victories:

- 1st placeSilberreiher Trophy 24h, 2002,
- 1st place Silberreiher Trophy 12h ekipno, 2003
- 1st place Kraftwerk Trophy 12h solo, 2004
- 1st place Furnace Creek 508, 2004
- 3rd place Le Tour Direct (Tour de France in 1 stage) 2005
- 1st place Kraftwerk Trophy 24h, 2006
- 1st place Kaniachtal Trophy 24h, 2006
- 2nd place RAAM Enduro, 2006
- 1st place Kaniachtal Trophy 24h, 2007
- Paris-Brest-Paris 2007 - 1.200km in time 46h 36min
- 1st place RAAM 2008 (2-person team), 2008  
- 1st place Schotz 24h Race, 2008
- 1st place TORTOUR 2009, Non-stop Cycling around Switzerland, 2009
- 3rd place RAAM 2009 in 2011
- 1st place Radmarathon RAAM qualifier, 2010
- 1st place Texas Hill Country 600KM, 2011
- 1st place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, 2011
- 1st place Race across Oregon (RAO), 2012,
- 1st place No Country for Old Men (NCOM), Texas (ZDA), 2012,
- 1st place World Championships 24h Time Trial, Coachella Valley (ZDA), 2012
- 1st place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, 2-person team, 2013
- 1st place Sebring 12h Cycling Race, Florida (ZDA), 2014
- 1st place Race across the West (ZDA), 2014,
- 1st place Silver State 508.

and the World Records:
1) on road (2007):
- 100 miles (4h 1min 12sec),
- 200 miles (8h 17min 59sec) and
- 12h Time Trial (458,76km with average speed 38,23 km/h)
2) on outdoor track (September 6th-7th, 2008):
- 24h Time Trial 890,038 km;
- 12h Time Trial 460,5 km;
- the fastest 200 miles 8h 17min 8,09sec;
- the fastest 100 miles 4h 00min 29sec
3) on indoor track (October 8th-9th, 2010):  
- 200 miles 8h 01min 25,92sec (povprečna hitrost 40,11km/h);
- 12h Time Trial 475,263km (average speed 39,60km/h);
- 24h Time Trial (the best 24h result in the history of ultra-cycling!) = 903,765km (average speed 37,66km/h);
- 1.000km (27h 31min 09sec, average speed 36,34km/h),
4) on road (2012):
- 100 miles (3h 48min 41sec, average speed 42,2km/h).

Our plan is also to organize some training camps in Slovenia and nearby. We'll keep you posted about dates & venues.


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