Monument Valley

What can I say. Picture is not perfect due to overtaken car, but what can you do. This is it, after 10 years and after 7th RAAM crossin throu there. 

After the sleep Marko felt good and he soon cought Gerhard Gulewiz and get his 4th spot back. Leader is still Strasser, second Schoch and third is Wyss. Through the second night most riders get the first sleep and it was excpected the time differences to grow. The leader had 7 hours of advantage over Marko.

Todays temperatures were nicer and that means lower, just over 30°C. The sun was behind the clouds and we had tail wind and after loosing the power it became headwind.

Let’s say also something good about tehnical stuff. Just one word...Cardio. This is the best communication device you can get and the first one we got that it works as it should. You can hear Marko talking as he was in the car. Usually it  was one way comunication. He could heard us, but we couldn’t understud the word he said. This is a must have!

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