Andalucia - a perfect spot for a Cycling Training Camp

I wanted to write a long report on my preparation camp in Andalucia. Come to think of it, there is not much to write about. In 12 days of riding not one problem, incident or even honking. Andalucia is a perfect training ground for cyclists wanting to escape harsh Winter. 

The roads are as close to perfect as I've ever seen, certainly much better than Slovenian ones. The climbs are relentless, though in majority of very nice incline. I'd say the majority would be between 3-8%, so you can easily do the base training here. The traffic is virtualy non-existent as soon as you turn inland from a little busier coastal roads. It was often that I went alone for 2 or 3 hours, not meeting or being passed by any vehicle at all. You can really let your mind drift away, dreaming of some goal in near or not so near future. While at the same time working your ass towards that same goal. Awesome!

Am I forgeting something? The temperatures from chilly 7-10°C early in the morning to low 20° in the afternoon. As good as you can wish for in January.

A word about my hosts, too (BREZO CYCLING). They were as acommodating as they could be. Provided me with all the routes I needed, from 80 to 230+ km and all the advice I needed for doing the long rides unsupported. For the time(s) when I'll be joined with a group of riders Gary will also be providing on the road support of all the rides. Sarah is a great cook, so along with must have pasta & parmiggiano I got the taste of many Spanish dishes. And the desserts were simply - yumi! Couldn't stop asking for seconds... ;)

So, to whoever might be dreaming of cycling preparation camps in Canaries or Mallorca, I recommend thinking about Andalucia instead. Perfect roads, perfect weather, perfect hosts at Brezo Cycling and a lot less crowdy than afformentioned places.  And if you want me to join you at your rides, just ask Gary when is the next time I'm coming. Because I certainly am coming back!

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