Everesting no. 1 (in Slovenia)

To conclude a hard RAAM training week I chose an interesting challenge, so-called Everesting. It is a challenge to ascent 8.849m (the height of Mt. Everest) in one push (without sleeping), with a bike of course.

Since my legs were already quite "wooden" from 1.750km biked in the six days of this week, I didn't want to do it on a particularly steep hill. I picked Trebeljevo climb from Litija, that has documented 251m of altitude on Strava, therefore, I would have to do it 36 times. Since my Garmin showed a few meters lower number, I added another half climb at the end, just in case.

I started a couple of minutes before six in the morning and the first hours went by very fast. Except for the morning cold (4 ° C) conditions were quite idea in the first half. The descent took me about 6 minutes and the climb between 13-14 minutes. About 9 AM the other riders started to ride by, so that took care of a little extra motivation. Around 12 o'clock, my friend Matic joined me and rode a couple of times with me. After that he stayed with me and took care of my nutrition needs on the top of the hill. Another crew member Borut came by later and also kept me company for two ascents. After six hours the fatigue set in and the climbing times climbed to between 14 and 15 minutes. Later in the afternoon the downpour came just in time when my break was planned. I extended it to more than an hour due to heavy rain. I had a sandwich for lunch, some massage, then I had to start dressing up for the rain, as there were no indications that the rain will stop. Due to the wet roads and dangerous descent, the descent time extended for two minutes. And I surely was slower uphill, too, so my ride unexpectedly extended to the night time. I finished a couple of minutes before 21:30 pm.


The data were published on Strava and Veloviewer, now we wait for a day or two for the ride to be confirmed. According to the guys who run Everesting page, I am the first in Slovenia who finished the Everesting challenge. I am convinced I will not be the last, as there is something soooooo attractive in the endurance challenges, isn't there?


P.S. More about the Everesting rules HERE

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