Ready for Marko's 10th RAAM!

In a few days another great adventure begins, we call it Race Across America = RAAM. This will be Marko’s 10th participation since his first in 2003 and in the first nine, he has had three 3rd places and one 2nd, so the only thing missing is a victory. We are going for it again next week!

As usually Marko has spent the last days in Borrego Springs, preparing for the heat expected during the race, which is supposed to be from 100-112F for the first couple of days. The photos are from Borrego where a large number of RAAM/RAW competitors gather to acclimatise to the heat.

In the meantime, the crew is gathering. Irma is already states side and is taking care of renting an RV. The rest of the crew is joining us on Saturday, three days before the Start, which will give us enough time to organise and get to know each other. The Crew is again Slovenian-American, as Marko loves it this way it is also more affordable for our low budget. The Crew is lead by Marko’S wife Irma, who know him the best and together they make a pretty remarkable team. Jonining us again from Slovenia is Borut Osojnik, and a rookie Roman Matoz, who will be in charge of laughs for the crew and especially Marko. The American crew members are the experienced RAAM crew people Martin Dressman, Mike Phillips, Elisabeth and Tom Guevara, Laurel Darren, Shawn Urban and a rookie Georgi Stoichev. The Crew will do their best to bring Marko across the country safely and as fast as possible!

As far as the racing goes, the first favourite is a five time winner and record holder of RAAM Christoph Strasser, who will be challenged by experienced Mark Pattinson, Dave Haase and Marko, of course there are some very fast and competitive young guns like Danish Olsen in Austrian Mauerhofer. The surprises are something normal for RAAM, so let’s see what happens.

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There are still a few of Time Stations up for grabs if you want to contribute to Marko's race:
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