This week Slovenian ultra-cyclists are racing in two of the biggest ultra-cycling races in the World. Two time winner of Race around Slovenia Alojz Poglavc will tackle the Race around Austria for the second time, while Marko Baloh will participate in the 10th Edition of Tortour (Race around Switzerland). Marko is the only racer who raced and finished all of the previous nine editions of Tortour. Five of them as solo participant and four in various editions of Laureus Charity Teams.

Marko je za svojo drugo udeležbo na Race across the West izbral kategorijo dvojic. Letos se je odločil izpustiti Dirko preko Amerike, ker si želi sanirati poškodbo stopal, ki ga je ovirala na RAAM 2017. Da bi vseeno obdržal stik s konkurenco, se je odločil za Dirko preko zahoda, ki poteka istočasno in na isti trasi kot prvi del RAAM-a. S švicarskim prijateljem in sotekmovalcem Philippom Jodin sta tekmovala in se borila za zmago v ekipi Laureus Alegra.

Here is the first report after five days of Training Camp Gran Canaria 2018:

On the weekend January 26th-27th join Marko for the 13th traditional 24h Indoor Cycling for a Charity. Since 2006 Marko has been leading such an event every last weekend of January, raising funds for different charities. This year the beneficiary is Zavod “Gibaj in zmagaj”, who helps fund the Summer Camps and Education for overweight underprivileged children. The goal is to change these children’s lives by showing them the importance of healthy lifestyle through practising sports. Please help us raise funds for this cause. Any donation, however small will help. The donations are welcome through PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

How about the cycling part? Read On:


To tell the whole story about how important the 24h World Championships in Borrego Springs 2017 was for my RAAM future, I have to start some time back. It was about 4-5 years ago that my feet problems started escalating. Before that there was an odd feet pain in the last days of RAAM, but suddenly the pain was coming sooner and sooner. So soon that during RAAM 2013 I had to stop before the descent down Glass Elevator for excruciating foot pain,  take the shoes off and dip my feet into ice-cold water. The only way I would survive that race was with taking Ibu-Profen in extreme quantities.

A big thank you goes to dr. Vince and Diane of the Infinity Bike Seat for stepping in and helping me with the race expenses. This Title is for you guys!

The preparation for the race was not exactly perfect, but I was carrying a good turn of speed after RAAM, won the Tortour Challenge in August and felt I am able to do another 500+ miles 24h race. It went a bit bad after the flight to US, as I caught a bit of a cold that got me worried before the race. With coughing, a running nose and a throat ache a couple of days before the race, it seemed my third time a charm (3rd time in a row 500 miles in 24h) might not happen after all.

A couple of hours to the start of 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships, you can follow the race via race tracking on

More about my feelings before the race on the next page:

My August in the last nine years has been reserved for participation at Tortour ultra-cycling race, Race around Switzerland in other words. Organisation-wise surely the best ultra-cycling race in the World. Switzerland and Tortour have grown to my heart after my first participation and victory in 2009. It is a beautiful country with great cycling infrastructure where cyclists are equal participants in traffic. A country where I can go to a cycling trip with my kids without being scared for our lives and where the government encourages the cycling commute to elementary schools.

Start dirke je bil kot že nekaj zadnjih let, pod pomolom v Oceanside, Kalifornija. Marko je startal  13. junija 2017 ob 12:25 po lokalnem času, kot pred-pred zadnji tekmovalec.

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