900km in 24h - is it possible?

On October 8th – 9th, 2010, Marko will attempt to break the World Indoor Track records for 24 hours and 1000km. Marko's goal is surpassing the magic barrier of 900km in 24 hours and try to cover 1000km in less than 28 hours. The event will be sanctioned by the Ultramarathon Cycling Association (www.ultracycling.com) and the Guinness Book of Records.


The current 24-hour indoor track record of 535.86 miles or 862,2km (an average speed of 22.32 mph = 35,925 km/h) is held by American ultracycling legend Michael Secrest, which he set on June 15, 2007. The current indoor track record for the fastest 1000km is held by Australian cyclist Rod Evans with the time of 29h 12min 33sec, it was  set on May 22, 1994.


Marko's attempt will be held on Montichiari Velodrome in Italy (www.velodromodimontichiari.it). Montichiari is a small town a few kilometers from Lago di Garda, the nearest big city is Brescia. The Velodrome Montichiari was homologated on June 8th, 2009 and is the only Italian indoor track, with 1300 sits on tribunes and another 1000 sits inside the track.  The track is made of Siberian wood, is 250m long and has maximum gradient of 43%. The Velodrome hosted UCI Juniors Track  World Championship in August 2010. The track is very fast and hopefuly Marko can capitalise on that with a rekord breaking ride.


Marko already holds an existing 24-hour World Record for outdoor tracks, which he set on September 6, 2008 on Polena track in Lenart, Slovenia. The mark set by Marko is 890km and is agonisingly close to the 900km, a magic barrier that only a few years ago would have seem impossible to dream of surpassing. Marko says: »In 2008 I came really close to the 900km mark riding in less than perfect conditions (strong winds during daytime) on an outdoor track Polena. I am sure I can come close to that magic barrier if everything goes perfectly. I am a bit concerned with the shortness of the track – on 250m track, I will have to cover more then 3500 (!!!) laps to reach my goal. There will be no motivation of competition, no external diversions to occupy my mind. So, it is as much a mental as a physical challenge, only myself, the bike and the track. Hopefuly my ride will inspire others to set goals and never give up.«


In the words of John Marino founder of the Race Across America and the UltraMarathon Cycling Association: »The indoor 24-hour track record just might be the ultimate benchmark of a cyclist's true ability in ultra marathon cycling because it requires excellence in two disciplines of cycling. The first is high-end speed and the second is endurance over the long haul. The 'sub-sets' of speed and endurance are pain thresholds, crew efficiency, equipment, strategy, diet, etc.«


Marko's equipment quiver will include a FELT B2 Pro TT bike (and FELT AR1 Team Issue as a spare bike), GAERNE cycling shoes, VITTORIA tires, ZOLNA SPORT cycling skinsuit, ADIDAS sunglasses, and a LOUIS GARNEU Superleggera aero helmet. Wheels will include E-HUB wheels and a Zipp 999 set.


Marko has amassed a strong ultra race resume that has led him to believe he is mentally and physically ready to break the 24h and 1000km  records:


- 1st place – Radmarathon RAAM qualifier: 727km in 23h 53min
- 2nd place – Tortour (race around Switzerland), 1001km in 36h 14min
- 1st place – Tortour (race around Switzerland), 1065km in 39h 9min
- 3st place - Race Across America RAAM with time 9 days 21 hours 44 minutes
- WORLD RECORD UMCA for the 24h Time Trial on the track (890,038 km and  average speed 37,08 km/h)
- WORLD RECORDS UMCA for the fastest 100miles (4h 00min 29sec), 200miles (8h 17min 08sec) and in 12h Time Trial on the track (460,5km and  average speed 38,375 km/h)
- 1 st place RAAM 2-person teams with Tomaz Percic
- 1st place Schotz 24h Race
- 3rd place Race around Slovenia - RAS 2008 = European UMCA Championships
 - WORLD RECORDS UMCA for the fastest 100miles (4h 1min 12sec), 200miles (8h 17min 59sec) and in 12h Time Trial on the road (458,76km and  average speed 38,23 km/h)
- 1st place Kainachtal Trophy 2007 24h solo
- 2nd place Race around Slovenia - RAS 2007 = European UMCA Championships
- 2nd place GlocknerMan 2007
- Paris-Brest-Paris 2007 - 1.220km in time of 46h 36min


Marko's accomplishments and goals are particularly remarkable because of the fact that he is an asthmatic and is devoting quite some of his time to charity activities and trying to teach children with asthma that exercise  is the best way to fight this desease. His own example is more than appropriate to prove just that.


Who: Marko Baloh
What: Cycling: attempt on the 24-hour and the fastest 1000km indoor unpaced world records
Where: Montichiari Velodrome, Via Falcone 25018 Montichiari (Brescia, Italy)
When: Starts 10:00 a.m., October 8, 2010
Why: Marko believes he can go faster than at his outdoor track record attempt in 2008 and is aiming on surpassing the magic barrier of riding over 900km in 24 hours.




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