What went as planned at RAAM 2013? 3. CARDO BK-1 DUO

After long years of trying out different radio stations or walkie-talkies, which were all useless at speed higher than 30km/h, we finally found the solution for communication between cyclist and his crew. Cardo BK-1 Duo is the ideal solution for the communication needs of ultra-cyclist and his crew.

During RAAM 2012 we were watching Strasser with an interesting communication device, which he also praised a lot. So, we decided to give it a try, without expecting a miracle. But already during the training rides in Palm Springs it was clear that it simply works. Out at the huge US landscape we were only reassured about it. It is unbelievable we could even hear each other at the speed of over 50miles/h when descending high mountains. It is hard to explain what does it mean for RAAM cyclist to be able to hear a friendly voice during his lonely 20+ hours on a bike every day.

The night that is carved in my memory is the last night of RAAM. While the other two crew members drifted to (a deserved) sleep from time to time, with crew-chief and one of my best friends Andrej we drifted to a memory lane and talked about our races together and even made some plans for the future. What sleepines? It would have felt like sitting at the sofa in the living room if it weren't for a few moments of almost paralizing pain caused by opened saddle sores. One of my best RAAM nights ever and in the last miles of RAAM, which is just unbelievable. Another problem less to worry about in our future races. I warmly recommend Cardo BK-1 Duo communication system to all ultra-cyclists and their crews.

My sincere thanks to Cardo Systems, Inc. who supported me for RAAM 2013.

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